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We want to ensure the integrity of our method and protect the quality and safety of the training we provide. Below, we present an important legal notice that highlights copyright and intellectual property rights, as well as policies related to the training offered by “ON – Couples Massage Courses.”


Susana Melchor Guillermo holds exclusive rights to the exploitation of “On – Couples Massage Courses ®.” All content in our courses, videos, and other materials included in them are protected by copyright, and the intellectual work contained there in is registered in the Intellectual and Industrial Property Registry with registration number 16/2023/6370.


Any entity, whether an individual, a club, a hotel, or a similar organization, that offers or provides our couples massage course method without being authorized to do so, without having received our specific training, or without having contracted our training programs and without possessing the corresponding written authorization from the owner of the “ON – Couples Massage Courses” method, Susana Melchor, will be infringing our intellectual and industrial property rights and engaging in illegal practices that may have serious legal and civil consequences.

This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized use of our brand and method, content appropriation, deceptive advertising, and piracy of digital materials.

It’s important to emphasize that our couples massage training requires specific preparation and training provided by “ON – Couples Massage Courses.” Any attempt to provide our couples massage courses without this specific training may jeopardize the health and well-being of clients and is considered irresponsible practice.

Only hotels and other entities or individuals who have received our specific training are authorized to offer our Couples Massage Courses.

If you have information about an individual, hotel, establishment, or entity that is offering any of the “ON – Couples Massage Courses” without appearing in our authorized instructors and businesses locator on our website, please contact us by writing to


Under no circumstances can an instructor who has not been properly trained by “ON – Couples Massage Courses” and authorized by the owner of the method, Susana Melchor, teach our couples massage courses. This includes:

  • Teaching couples massage classes using our “ON – Couples Massage Courses” method, whether privately or in clubs, hotels, or establishments that have not contracted our training programs and are therefore not authorized to teach our couples massage courses, is strictly prohibited.
  • Providing training courses for ON – Couples Massage Courses or using their materials (manuals, posters, videos, images, etc.) in whole or in part without specific training and authorization from “ON – Couples Massage Courses” is strictly prohibited.
  • Copying, reproducing, or providing educational materials or videos from “ON – Couples Massage Courses” to others, or conducting training courses with this material, is not allowed without proper authorization.
  • Publishing or sharing specific materials from the instructor training of “ON – Couples Massage Courses” on social media is not permitted. Likewise, sharing recordings of their classes where they are teaching our couples massage method is also prohibited.
  • Working for clubs, hotels, or entities that offer training services and/or similar animations to our couples massage courses or are direct competitors to ours is not allowed until at least 2 years have passed since being an instructor.

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the expulsion of the instructor from the “ON – Couples Massage Courses” method, immediately and irrevocably ending their status as an instructor for our courses. Furthermore, it may lead to the owner of the rights taking appropriate legal actions.

We appreciate your cooperation in protecting our “ON – Couples Massage Courses” method and defending the brand owned by Susana Melchor.

If you have information about any company, entity, or instructor that is violating these regulations, we kindly ask you to contact us through the email address, and we guarantee the utmost confidentiality.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping us maintain the standards of quality and ethics in our Couples Massage Training courses.

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