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As an instructor for ‘ON – Couples Massage Courses,’ you will be able to deliver our training in clubs, hotels, or similar establishments that are already affiliated with our training programs or are interested in joining in the near future.


You will be part of an exclusive group of instructors who teach a unique massage method. Your classes and activities will be filled with excitement, fun, and connection.


You will help couples acquire skills and knowledge that they will enjoy for a lifetime, sharing quality time together to relax, relieve their tensions, and enhance and strengthen their relationship.

Instructor on cursos masaje para parejas enciende tu relacion


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You can only take our instructor training if you are going to work in a club, hotel, or similar establishment that already has the ON programs or intends to acquire them soon.

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You will receive exclusive access to the online training program, which includes the complete series of videos with massage sequences explained step by step, along with additional video content with recommendations. You will also receive an e-book called ‘The Master’s Manual,’ where you will learn everything about the ‘ON – Couples Massage Courses’ method.

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After receiving access to the training, you will have a maximum period of 3 months to send us your certification video, demonstrating the complete massage. This completes the process to become a certified instructor of the ‘ON – Couples Massage Courses’ method.

Couples Massage Course Instructor Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know massage or anatomy to be an Instructor?

This is a 100% practical course that, along with the theoretical content, will provide you with all the necessary tools to successfully teach your couples’ massage courses. Therefore, prior massage experience or knowledge is not required.

Who can be an instructor for On - Couples Massage Courses?

Our instructor training is aimed at anyone who wants to develop professionally to teach our ‘ON – Couples Massage Courses’ method. You can only become an instructor if you work or are going to work in a club, hotel, or establishment that already has the ON programs or plans to acquire them soon.

How long does this training last?

You will have access to the complete series of ‘On’ videos and the ‘Master’s Manual’ immediately upon purchasing your training. The minimum time to request your certification is two weeks, which we consider the minimum time needed to learn and practice the full massage sequence and assimilate the theoretical knowledge from the manual.

Once the two weeks have passed, you can request your certification. You will have a maximum of 3 months from the date you enrolled in the course to do so. To achieve this, you will need to send us your certification video demonstrating the complete massage. Once you have done that, we will send you your ‘On – Couples Massage Courses’ instructor certificate.

What is the methodology of this training?

The training methodology is entirely online, without the need to travel anywhere. You can comfortably take the course from your home and balance it with your work and personal life.

Will I receive a certification?

When you complete the training, you will receive your certificate and can offer courses under the name of On – Couples Massage Courses in any of the certified centers, clubs, and hotels in various parts of the world.

Can I take the course from any country?

Indeed, you can access the course from any country in the world. You will need a reliable internet connection since it is entirely online.