Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is «On» a sexual massage?

It is not a sexual massage, in our courses there is no nudity and are focused on massage, but it is true that when you massage your partner there is a very short barrier between sex and massage, but that limit is set by you. «On» can be anything you want it to be.

«On» is tenderness, heart, feeling, but also playfulness, sensuality and passion…, it has all the ingredients to take your relationship to another level.

Who can learn it?

Anyone can learn how to give an «On» massage to their partner.

By simply following my instructions in a simple and practical way, you will experience sensations of intimate connection and mutual well-being, spend quality time together and communicate in a new, loving and pleasurable way for both of you.

How often can I receive a massage from my partner?

Whenever you want, as long as your massage does not cause pain, and as long as there are no injuries or contraindications.

When is it not possible to receive a massage?

There are causes for which it is generally contraindicated to receive massage, do not massage if in the area there is:

  • inflammation due to injury
  • rash or skin infections
  • tumorous conditions or cancer
  • rupture of fibers or tendons in acute phase

If you are not sure if your partner can receive a massage, then DO NOT DO IT and consult your doctor or specialist.

Our massage method is designed exclusively for healthy, uninjured people.

Do I have to have a partner to learn?

Our courses are designed to learn as a couple, if you currently do not have a partner or you are separated in distance and you feel like learning it, go ahead, you can watch the videos several times and then visualize in your mind how you would perform each technique.

This is a formula that works, you can visualize every move and so when you have a partner or when you meet your partner again you can surprise her with something different.

What if I have questions about the videos?

You will have personalized support from the instructor.

I am really interested in the progress of all my students, I am here to help you learn this massage and integrate it into your relationship.

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or concepts described in the course, you can contact me by sending me an email with your questions and I will personally answer you (within a maximum of 72 hours) by email, recorded video or audio, in the way that best responds to your question so that you understand it.

How do I access my videos?

To have access to your videos, you must click on the link that I will send to your email when you purchase your course and fill in everything that is requested and we will register your new user. Remember that when filling out this form your email must be the same one you just used to purchase the course.

Never forget your username and password, because you will need them every time you want to access. And read carefully the instructions I send you in the link.

Once you have registered and we have given you access, you will be able to access your course as follows:

1️⃣ First you enter directly through our website:
2️⃣ Go to the top and click on Access
3️⃣ It will open a new page where you can enter your username and password with which you have previously registered.
4️⃣ You will be in your private area, click on your course and start learning and enjoying.

How long can I access my videos?

You will have access to your course for a full year. During this time you will be able to access the training platform and watch the videos as many times as you wish; this way you can acquire the knowledge at your own pace, review and internalize the techniques, even learn how to combine the different sequences, and then flow into your massage.

Is the bed a good place to massage your partner?

You can adapt some techniques of the «On» massage to give it in bed, but you will not have the comfort and accessibility to many parts of your partner’s body, so we have designed our courses using a method that allows you to perform the massage in a comfortable way for both of you.

How deep can I massage my partner?

In a healthy body a very deep massage can be given.

Some people like it very deep and others like it softer, how does your partner like it?

The easiest way to find out is to ask, but in the «On» massage, the ideal is to start with gentle pressure and then gradually increase the depth.

Can I pay in a currency other than Euros?

Of course you can. All our prices are in Euros (€) but you can make the purchase without any problem, Paypal will automatically charge it in your currency, just like when you travel abroad and pay with your card and your own bank will charge it.

Please note that for this your card must be configured for payments abroad, to enable it you must talk to your bank or access your bank through its application or website, and from your personal access to the application configure yourself the card with which you want to make your payment by activating the payment option abroad or payment in another currency, after that you can already make the payment to purchase your course on our website.

You can see the price of the course in any currency converter on the Internet, such as this one by clicking here, just put the amount in Euros and select your currency and it will automatically tell you the price in your currency (note that your bank or Paypal may apply a small commission for the exchange rate, so this is approximate).

Payment methods

You can pay for your course in different ways:

Payment via Bizum (only for Spain): Pay your online course from your cell phone easily, quickly and securely to 647816590

Payment by PayPal: Valid for any part of the world including Spain. If you have a PayPal user account you will be able to use this payment method. Similarly if you make the payment through this system, you are confirming that you have full authorization for the use of the Paypal account. Making the payment through Paypal you can do it from your Paypal account or with your debit or credit card.